Day Four of Animation: Background line art and a recap of days two and three.

Allow me to explain why I didn’t post anything yesterday or the day before… Sunday night (day two) I had to run a boot-time scan on my computer right before bed to make sure it would run faster the next day and whatnot, and I forgot to update before I did. Yesterday I hardly made any progress and was not determined, so I didn’t post anything then either… Oops


Using my crap line art from yesterday’s failure I was able to figure out how I want to do the backgrounds, so now I’m working more efficiently. I doubt the other backgrounds will take as long as the one I’m working on now, a bedroom. I’ll be honest though, my biggest issue was with perspective, but I’m getting the hang of it!

On Sunday I made huge progress by redrawing my storyboards on FireAlpaca, which took about two or three hours, and then I put them into Sony vegas, allotting a rough amount of time that I wanted each scene to take place, and then I made the opening sequence before starting on the same room background I’m still working on. It should be done tomorrow, hopefully, and then I can start on a much simpler one to see how long this will normally take, because I hope to make much more animations in the future if this goes well.

Aaaaand because this actually takes a lot of time to do, that’s actually all I had time to finish these past few days. Hey, I’m getting somewhere, haha!




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