Animation Project: Day One, the Storyboard

I am alive and impatient so let’s get right to the point– I’ve never animated a thing in my life yet I have a huge project I’m working on that has to do with just that.

The project is incredibly important and I want it done as soon as possible, but I also don’t want to rush myself. I hope to finish it in two or three weeks.

So, about this project, why the sudden burst of determination???

Welp, this animation technically is not for me. It’s for someone I do not know personally but has affected me in so many ways, and I feel obligated to show my support for her. Yee, it’s for a youtuber, but you know…

That’s it. I have no excuse. My first animation is a fanimation and I expected no less of myself.

Anywho… I have plans to send it to her once it’s completed, her as in Jaiden of Jaiden Animations haha. The animation is called “Dear Jaiden” and it will be the most beautiful thing I will ever create.

Regardless of those plans, the main point of this post is to talk about my adventures in animation. Remember this is my first time and have no idea what I’m doing. I’m running solely off of knowledge I have gleaned from youtube.

Today I worked on the storyboard and compiling a list of what I need for the video like sound effects. I work best with a plan, lol. There are ten pages of the drawn out storyboard, each with four panels to equal a total of forty frames to use as reference. I also wrote out the storyboard for further comprehension (don’t wanna royally screw up down the line.)

The storyboard is just a bunch a thumbnail sketches with scribbles I call words beside them for little notes on what all is going to happen in the scene. It’s very exciting, if you ask me. This is all so new to me! I’m excited to see if I can create the image in my head accurately, or if it’ll end up changing a bit along the way…

Who knows. Guess I (and you) will find out 😀

I’m going to work on redrawing my storyboards in Paint Tool SAI tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be able to compile them in my video software so I can get a VERY rough animatic. I don’t want to do all of my animating in PTS, but if I can’t get Adobe Animate to work then it will have to do. I always have a backup plan :3

I hope you will check back in tomorrow to see what progress I have made 😀 I hope you enjoyed this update and are just as excited as I am to ACTUALLY BE DOING SOMETHING.



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