Cloudy Galaxy Digital Art Practice

So I finally got around to attempting to draw on my tablet, which I think went pretty well. An artist I really like named Yuumei posted a tutorial quite a while back on how to draw stars, clouds, and galaxies, and included a download for her custom brushes, so I had to jump on that opportunity haha

I’m not sure how long that took me, but I know that it was fairly speedy and much quicker than most drawings I’ve done that I consider to be on the same level. In short, I really enjoyed it and I’m excited to do it again after I dig through Google and get a thousand reference photos lol

That aside, I did have a thing to say, and it’s really nothing major considering I’ve only been on here for two weeks, but because I’m still getting the feel of everything the way I’m doing things is going to change yet again; this time, however, I really like what it is.

Remember when I said I was considering commissions? Go ahead and throw that out of the window because that probably won’t happen in the summer like I hoped due to things such as wanting to practice more and not wanting to rush and make myself and you beautiful people thin I just want the profit, because that is untrue- though it does seem nice, I’ll admit haha

Another thing has to do with posting, more specifically where I’ll post most often (spoiler, it’s not here.) Y’see, I don’t like the idea of posting a blog on here that doesn’t talk about some big thing going on, or the process and materials in a piece, so I don’t think I’ll post here more than three times a week. I’m starting to be more active on Tumblr and DeviantArt, so be sure to check those along with my Instagram, which will be around every day to every other day. It varies.

So yeah! I appreciate those who read these silly things, and my four followers *^* you are loved.




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