Let’s just forget the fact that I wasn’t on here in, I don’t know, three days? I was sick, you guys– typing was not very high on my to-do list, and neither was drawing because WOOHOO art slump! Yaaaaaay…

I told you formalities would not last long, but I digress.

As I was doing my daily YouTube viewing session, I came across a video by an artist I love who posted a belated video of New Year’s Resolutions, and despite the fact that it’s kind of February I decided I would post something of similar style, and that would explain my goals and why they are my goals??? I don’t know, something kind of interesting/important.

First off, the reason why this blog is titled HOPES&DREAMS is not just to be an odd Undertale reference, but because all the folders on my laptop that have to do with this art-thing are titled the same thing (CAPSLOCK&ALL.)

Yes, I do know that I could very well grow out of wanting to be an artist, and the thought terrifies me if I’m honest, but I’ve really only wanted to be two things in my lifetime with a burning passion, one of them being art, so I doubt that if I change my mind that it will be soon.

Okay, I’d like to take a second to talk about what I hope to accomplish by being an artist– I have a story to tell (cue dramatic instrumental.) Personally, I think it’s a great story with a lesson and everything, as well as character development (ya gotta love that stuff), so I like to think that I won’t be able to feel accomplished in life until it’s out there to ruin the lives of all who read it, which means that if I want it to be a manga like I initially intended, I need to learn how to draw (and speak Japanese, which is actually coming along fairly well if I do say so myself.)

For the sake of not making this a rant on my story, I’ll start ranting about something else 😀

In the coming year, I’d like to improve my art skills and get a few more copics, because if we’re all honest with ourselves, who doesn’t love copic markers?! They’re beautiful. Of course, those things are expensive which means I need money, which means I need a job, but that means that if I want to get somewhere career-wise this year I need to celebrate two birthdays because last I checked, you need to be at least sixteen to hold a steady part-time job because, well, driving. That was a long sentence, but basically all I’m saying is that I want to get better at drawing so I can eventually take commissions.

Yeah, I know, I’m a little young to be thinking of a job, and I agree, but I do know that if I can take commissions and get myself out there at a young age, I will not only have had more time to gain a following and advertize myself, I will probably have a fair amount of people who will buy my artwork when I need the money to pay bills (and college tuition.) In a way, I’m just thinking very far into the future because I am a very paranoid human and don’t want to live in a box when I’m older.

Continuing on…

Another one of my goals is to get into animation 😀 I think it would be fun to tell short two-minute stories and animate them to be entertaining, not to mention it would probably be more interesting than reading blog posts… Regardless, I think digital art would be a good skill to learn, and just flat-out cool in the first place.

Also, I’d like to say that I do plan to post artwork of original characters for the story I mentioned earlier, but I don’t know when that will be due to the fact that someone could easily steal my characters or plot.

In short, this is my list of goals for this year (including some I didn’t go in-depth on):

  1. Learn how to animate/draw digitally
  2. Collect more copic markers (or just art supplies in general)
  3. Improve art skills
  4. Gain a reputable following
  5. Develop art style
  6. Start a fan-comic on Tumblr


Welp, that’s pretty much it 🙂 Again, forgive me for not posting, I was sick and all that jazz. How fun.




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