Ochako and Redrawing Fanart

Based on the title of this blog post, you’ve probably realized that this is going to be kind of serious, considering the fact that this is an important topic of discussion. Well, truth be told that despite the fact that I have done this many times and will probably do it again in the future, it bothers me when people find fanart they enjoy, redraw it, and post it claiming that it’s theirs. 

To go into more detail, I get irked when people steal others’ artwork, however I don’t see an issue with it if you state clearly that it is not originally yours, and even link to the original if you can. Personally, it’s a good practice method to redraw artwork so you get a feel of how to draw a certain thing– that’s how I usually do it, if I do it.

I think it’s okay to redraw artwork to practice, but you’ll get much more gratifying results and feel more accomplished if you do it yourself. For example, I did not copy another’s work for Galaxy Girl and I am really pleased with the results. I even have two drawings in line to be posted that I thought of myself, and while I may not think they are as good as the ones I did have an already made reference for, at least I see more progress and know that if I try that I can draw it myself.

Basically all I’m saying is don’t let it go too far, and that if you try it yourself you’ll see more improvement. Of course there is the fact that I really started drawing in the first place because I thought it was fun to look at manga and try to copy the pictures myself, but I digress.

Now that I’ve said all that, allow me to take a moment to discuss the redraw of Ochako I did in December, and was my first post on Instagram.

I am extremely happy with how the drawing turned out, and I’m most proud of her face and hair because I think they turned out great. The colors are very bright and stand out, which is nice as well. There were a few issues regarding her outstretched hand and the line on her left boot, but I think I made it work.

All things considered, I like the drawing very much even though it was a redraw haha. My sketches aren’t redraws, so that’s good at least; I really just wanted to let the people who noticed it was a redraw know that I don’t do it often anymore, and that I don’t claim the idea as my own. Either way, I hope you like the drawing too.


Mari-Moo 🙂


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