Galaxy Girl Artwork

So, the topic I want to discuss with anyone who is listening is a painting that I posted, and my most recent update on Instagram. You can classify this blog post under the “art rant” category, and trust me when I say I’ll be doing this a ton when I post more full artwork.

This specific painting is of a girl with stars and galaxies in her hair, and it’s honestly my favorite piece of 2017 thus far. I’ve never worked with watercolors, or paint in general before this one, and that makes me feel very accomplished because I enjoy it so much (hardly ever happens– it’s an artist thing haha).

However, that having been said, I realize that I made mistakes and I’m going to address them here for future reference. First off, I realize I did not stay within my lineart, and that they are extremely thin for one thing; I think it would’ve looked much better if my lines were made with a thicker pen (I’ll add the full list of my supplies at the end, but I’m going to say here that I used a .03 Copic Multiliner, and that is SMALL.)

Another mistake has to do with how I used to Copics to fill in the body. I think I should’ve stuck with one color palette instead of try to put a little of everything. Y’see, I only have eighteen copics because they’re expensive, so I don’t have very many colors that are in close proximity to one another, so blending was out of the question which resulted in the streaky-ness of the lines in my desperate attempt to finish the piece (which is problem number one, I guess) but I could’ve at least stuck with just one color using the few variant shades I have.

I think I’ve been talking about the mistakes enough, so now I’ll state what I enjoyed about it– optimism, folks.

I do really like how the shades in her hair differentiate and some places are light, others are dark, that kind of thing. On a side note however, I did try adding blue to add some variation, but it ended of mixing with the pink which resulted in all the purple haha I’m not complaining though because I think it looks better this way. Another thing I enjoyed are how the stars turned out. What I ended up doing was purposely leaking the white paint out of a crap pen I have, taking a toothpick, and then dotting stars in her hair with it– I even added some constellations, if you look closely. Lastly, I’d like to say that the lineart despite its thinness and essential invisibility I do like how it turned out, especially the hands, which I rarely get right

To sum all of this up, I do like the finished product but there is definitely room for improvement in there. In fact, please tell me in the comments what you think of this painting; I’d like to do more with watercolor in the future, so receiving some feedback on this would be fantastic 🙂

Thank you for reading this blog post!



List of Materials:

Strathmore 400 Series Multimedia Paper 8×6 in.
Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolors– Permanent Rose, Cerulean Blue Hue
Copic Sketch Markers– V17, B18, B12, BG34, RV02
Copic Multiliner .03
Extra Fine DecoColor Opaque White Paint Marker
Artist’s Loft Paint Brush– Round Tip, Size 4


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