First Official Post

Tis I, the frenchiest fry, here to tell you that I have officially started this website! You see, I have been wanting to start this for a while now, and I’m excited that it’s finally happening. Thanks to everyone who liked and commented on my first Instagram post yesterday and second post today, and hopefully we’ll all be able to back on this and say, “Wow, we were so innocent.”

That’s a lie, but the point remains true.

Because this is my first post, I should probably start by explaining this blog, my hopes and dreams, and what I plan on working on in the future– but first, allow me to introduce myself (because I should probably do that. Kinda important.) My name is Olivia Reese, and you can call me by either one because neither is my last name. In case my way of writing has not informed you, I am no adult. I am fourteen and trying to get a head start on a freelance artist career and work my way from there. Personally I don’t think this is more than I can handle because it’s not like I’m selling things yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t plan on it when my skills improve.

Now that I have that out there, if you’re still willing to give me a minute of your time I am already extremely grateful.

On this blog I plan to post things about my artwork– what the piece is, how I came up with the idea, materials, and basically anything I can’t put in an Instagram description– and gain feedback on it. I can stand critical minds who are genuinely trying to help me improve, but if you’re just being a troll then I won’t pay any mind to you, walnut. I also hope to make blogs about things I discover about the art industry as a career, where I plan on going to school, and all kinds of cool art things because that’s kind of what I like, in case you couldn’t tell. Lastly, I plan on posting ideas for future art projects and possible commission openings (again, nothing is final and more than likely won’t even be touched on until this summer.)

Oh, one last thing– all these formalities won’t last long and are only here to make me seem cultured when in reality all I do is draw and play video games. Soon emojis will rise.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I’ll be back again tomorrow with a new post and things to say 🙂


– Mari-Moo


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